Why may a dog vomit yellow stuff?

Answer It's not uncommon to see a dog vomit yellow stuff. Dogs vomit for a number of reasons, some harmless and some not. The yellow vomit may be occasional or may occur frequently.HistoryOccasionally (on... Read More »

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I got cut and when it happened before bleeding occured yellow bubble like stuff apped what is the yellow stuf?

Why would a cat vomit yellow liquid?

Cats vomit more regularly than most animals. While most find it disgusting, it's normally not cause for concern. While yellow bile may seem dangerous, it's probably not.The Yellow VomitThe yellow, ... Read More »

How do I get rid of yellow cat vomit stains on a carpet?

Water and Baking SodaUse a paper towel to remove excess fluid and solid pieces in the vomit. Pour some water onto the stained area, then sprinkle the stain with a layer of baking soda. Let the baki... Read More »

Why do I have some yellow stuff in my eye?

You without a doubt must see a Doctor. This could be aninfection. Allergy's. To you it should be a big red sign, Doctor...