Why maltreatment and poverty?

Answer I need to know this. My little sister is 3....HELP PLEASE! I googled it but nothing came up

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How can you overcome poverty?

Being a "redneck" has nothing to do with whether you look for a boy or girl at a family reunion.

How to Overcome Poverty?

Poverty can be defined as a persistent shortage of the financial means necessary to upholding a relatively acceptable or comfortable quality of life. Rising above poverty involves improving several... Read More »

How to Be Happy Despite Poverty?

Having money isn't supposed to make you happy, but in some ways it can. You can have fast cars, a big house, designer clothes, but the end result is never happiness.

Why is poverty a social problem?

The philosophy of free enterprise may suggest that people fall into poverty through making bad personal choices; that poverty is a personal problem. Through its ramifications, however, poverty may ... Read More »