Why make a worm farm when you can recycle?

Answer Earthworms are great recyclers of kitchen waste and yard clippings. They make compost in two to three weeks, much faster than the compost pile. What goes into an earthworm comes out increased in fo... Read More »

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How to Make a Worm Farm?

Most people would love to turn their hobby into a money making venture if they could. Sometimes, this is not always possible or even realistic. Making a worm farm is one such hobby that could easil... Read More »

How to Make a Blood Worm Farm?

Midge larvae, also known as blood worms, are a nutritious, delicious treat for fish. The larva appear very similar to segmented worm and have a bright pinkish red color. Live blood worms are often ... Read More »

How to Make a Worm Farm From a Turtle Sand Box?

When your child outgrows his turtle sandbox, you can recycle it to create a worm farm. You can use this project as a teaching tool for your children. Children can observe the worms on a daily basis... Read More »

Worm Farm Help?

The needs of red wigglers in a worm farm appear to be simple: correct temperature, moisture and air, along with food to eat and bedding to act as shelter. The closed system of the farm can get out ... Read More »