Why majority of little sisters have attraction for their older brothers?

Answer He is their, like, protector. Their hero. Their personol, like, god figure. when theyre older, they like that heroic thing in a guy. not their brother. when younger, that is a developing feeling, t... Read More »

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Which siblings are usually nicer younger sisters younger brothers older brothers or older sisters?

There is no way to answer this as there is no generalizing siblings and the way they treat one another. Each individual and their situations are different. Older siblings will respect and be kind ... Read More »

Why majority of sisters are needy to their brothers?

I wouldn't look at it as needy, but rather as respectful. Big brothers have been there since day 1! Whether they acted the part or not they've always been there and little sisters can look up to th... Read More »

How many little sisters get picked on by older brothers?

all sister get picked on by older brothers and some times young ones to and for those fellow sisters who get picked o by older brothers i fell sorry for you

As I get older will it be hard to maintain relationships with my brothers and sisters as good as they were when we were all little?

Truthfully, your relationship is going to get better, because your not constently with them.