Why led tv viewing distance is long and led computer monitor viewing distance is short?

Answer Viewing distance is based on the screens diagonal dimension, so the bigger the screen the further away you should sit.This is purely an aesthetic thing. I have 2 24" monitors in front of me so shou... Read More »

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What is the viewing distance from a big screen TV?

On One Hand: Personal PreferenceMuch like choosing a seat in a movie theater, the viewing distance for a big-screen television can simply be a matter of preference. The Practical Home Theater Guide... Read More »

Best 3D viewing distance for a 65'' plasma screen?

What is the recommended distance for viewing a 50-inch LCD TV?

"Consumer Reports" recommends a viewing distance of at least six feet for flat-screen TVs measuring 50 inches or larger. Any closer may reveal the pixels and lines that make up the screen images.Re... Read More »

Size of television versus viewing distance?

I bought a 40" LCD 1080P and my viewing distance is about 8 feet. When viewing HD it is perfect, but when viewing non-HD channels it can get a little pixely.I used this calculator: http://www.dtvc... Read More »