Why law important in midwifery?

Answer If you are referring to civil law, it is important to not have any religious influence on civillaw. A legal code should represent all the people and should be ...

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Midwifery and Ultrasounds?

Ultrasound images provides a sneak peek into the womb. Sound waves travel from the ultrasound machine through the abdominal and uterine walls to obtain an image of the unborn baby. MIdwives routine... Read More »

Top Midwifery Programs?

Midwives have a graduate degree in nursing with an emphasis in midwifery. Generally midwifery programs accept students who not only have a bachelor's degree in nursing, but also have at least one y... Read More »

Midwifery Assistant Training?

Midwifery assistants support midwives in providing maternity care for low-risk women. Primarily, midwifery assistants are employed by direct-entry midwives to assist in birth centers or in a privat... Read More »

How do you understand by midwifery ethics?

For cough and sore throat: HONEY! Hot Lemon Tea, just add fresh lemon to hot water, stir in some honey and sip. (When you are not pregnant, you can add a jigger of whiskey and it will be even bette... Read More »