Why kids shouldn't have PE everyday?

Answer Kids shouldn't have PE everyday because of dehydration. Their bodies are still growing and forming, and they may not know how to take proper care of themselves. Dehydration can be caused by too muc... Read More »

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Do parents have time to drive there kids to school everyday?

Old enough to use your hands and judge correctly, like 3 to 5.

I turn my computer on everyday and everyday i have to sign onto every acct?

if you had ccleaner they have an option to keep cookies that means when you sign in to facebook or yahoo or any other they will keep them and you wont have to sign in all the time so if you get it... Read More »

What are food that u shouldnt have when u have diabetes?

Shouldnt we have lower prices in gas?

No, i wished they would increase it and make people realize to not always go to their cars, trucks,suv's etc. If you depend on others so much they can manipulate prices. Its called supply and dem... Read More »