Why kids shouldn't have PE everyday?

Answer Kids shouldn't have PE everyday because of dehydration. Their bodies are still growing and forming, and they may not know how to take proper care of themselves. Dehydration can be caused by too muc... Read More »

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How many kids everyday get raped?

An adjudicating trial is where you stick your dick in a giant womans vagina that has to measure from 7 to 14 inches long.

How many kids are abused everyday?

Although there is no way to get an exact count, I would estimate that as a total world figure for abused children, it is about a quarter of a billion.

Do parents have time to drive there kids to school everyday?

Old enough to use your hands and judge correctly, like 3 to 5.

In your opinion should kids be rewarded for household chores or should it be part of everyday life?

Wow, a simple question, but a VERY good one, nice!!You know, I never thought about it before, but I am sooo glad that you asked this question, because I think it should be part of everyday life. I ... Read More »