Why keep your distance from head phone charges?

Answer Alexander Graham Bell worked on devices that would help kids and adults who had severe hearing loss. One of his devices was a single headphone that could effectively deliver loud sound to a deaf pe... Read More »

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How do you keep your cell phone from not getting stolen?

Your best option is to either get a case with a clip or keep it in your pocket as close to you as possible. Something else you might want to do is enable the security features on your phone (look ... Read More »

What is the driving distance from chicago to hilton head island?

Can you keep your t-Mobil Phone number after switching your sim card and phone?

You should be able to. There is something called the phone number portability act.

How to Keep Your Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship?

A long distance relationship, they can be difficult. Chances are if you're reading this the one thing you don't want to happen, is for it to end. The number one problem that faces girls in long dis... Read More »