Why it's bad to drink coffee on an empty stomach ?

Answer Coffee will supress any hunger you have, therefore you may not eat enough if you have not eaten before the coffee. It's also a diuretic which means it will dehydrate you if you have not taken in an... Read More »

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Why is it bad to drink coffee on an empty stomach?

Coffee stimulates gastric acid to secrete. If this acid is secreted in high amount, then it eats up the gastric mucosa. If this continues, then gastritis or ulcer may develop. Therefore, it is heal... Read More »

Water and Empty stomach - good for health - why not you drink water in the empty stomach?

Thank you so much for the wonderful helpful advice you have shared. I will take on board everything you have said, and will pass on this information to all the peoples I know. Thank you for helping... Read More »

Can I drink alcohol on an empty stomach?

I always drink on an empty stomach, I get drunk quicker and when I have something to eat, it does sober me up a wee bit, but then when I continue drinking, I am still tipsy and I can top myself bac... Read More »

Why does my stomach hurts after i drink a cup of coffee?

Any stomach problems should be see by a doctor.It could just be that you are sensitive to the acids or oils in coffee. I can't drink cheap coffees or I get sick. Starbuck's coffee sits real well ... Read More »