Why it is necessary to establish table indexes in databases?

Answer On One Hand: Speed Up Table OperationsTable indexes speed up table operations significantly so you can quarry data quickly, according to Mary Hooke, president of Distinctive Development and author ... Read More »

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Are relative databases& relational databases the same thing?

When referring to database structures, there is no such thing as a relative database. However, there are relational databases. While the two terms have similar definitions, the terms are not interc... Read More »

Why was it necessary to create the periodic table?

It was not necessary to create the periodic table. Mankind was using elements such as gold long before the periodic table existed. The periodic table is a tool that makes understanding the elements... Read More »

How to Rebuild Indexes?

A database index rebuild is one of the many maintenance tasks of a database administrator. Depending on the size and fragmentation of a database the index rebuild may be scheduled to run daily, wee... Read More »

List of Stock Indexes?

Stock market indexes are devised to give investors a way to compare the performance of a group of stocks over time. Most people are familiar with popular stock indexes such as the Dow Jones Industr... Read More »