Why isn't the whole 1gb of ram on my computer ?

Answer Your PC has 1GB total but your video card need some to run. If the PC is idle it uses less than if your running a 3D app. game. Your PC is a laptop so the onboard RAM on the video card/intergraded ... Read More »

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My daughter got a whole week of no recess for forgetting her assignment at home..Isnt this tomuch?

yes this is too considering the fact tht the teacher did nt carry out physical punishment..u should tell ur daughter to take it as a form of lesson and nt do it recess doesnt mean ... Read More »

Why my usb harddrive isnt showing up in my computer?

Delete the USB drivers and reinstall them. However, you could just install the drive, into the computer case. Then check it there, if it doesn't show up, open the BIOS and see if it is detected. If... Read More »

Mouse for computer isnt working.?

For the wireless mouse, make sure that the batteries are not dead. If the batteries are fine, make sure the receiver is not blocked by anything and connected to the computer properly. If that's alr... Read More »

My computer sound isnt working?

WOW. Lots of guesses, no real answers, at least no good ones. Ok. 1. Try pluging the speakers in to your home stero headphone jack. Make sure to plug them into the wall as well, most computer s... Read More »