Why isn't sting sold in California?

Answer Lordy.Aren't there enough energy drinks out there already?Frankly, I think they're a menace to the public health, and I'm not too fussed if your favorite brand is not being sold in a store near you.

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What does'sold as is'mean in California law?

According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, when a product is "sold as is,” the seller assumes no further responsibility for the product upon sales competition. The product has no... Read More »

My Cyberlink Youcam isnt recording sound, why isnt it working?

Open the Cyberlink YouCam program. Go to the top left and see 2 tabs a pic of a folder and a pic of some tools, click on the tools and make sure that audio (capture with audio) is checked.

My wifi network isnt connecting&isnt showing up?

Question one IS your wifi button the one with the ( ( i ) ) symbol on or off? if OFF turn it ON. it should be lit and glowing brightly. This IS the Normal “state” of all laptops. {{ that is if... Read More »

Quick! home remedy for a bee sting please! made baking soda paste already sting is on foot?

From a pharmacist...the tobacco and mud solutions hold water. I assume you have already done this. It is time for Benadryl...capusles, not the topical. Don't drive.Feel better!