Why isn't my youtube video getting any likes/dislikes?

Answer The YouTube counter takes a while to catch up. On popular videos you'll always see "323 views" or something like that when it actually has 100,000. This happens when you first upload it. It usually... Read More »

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YouTube question how do i make money of f of youtube i monitized my video to get money but am not getting view?

Well if you're not getting any views its one of the following reasons1. Your not promoting your videos well enough. You need to comment and subscribe to other channels, make use of social networkin... Read More »

My YouTube Video Is Getting No Views?

well the video is decent, but i would keep study video effects and master it. Youtube doesnt take kindly to skits made by people under (looks like) 15. If you want views just go to a popular video ... Read More »

Getting a Picture from a video on Youtube?

You probably want to just take a screenshot of the entire screen. You can do this by pressing the "PRTSC" button on your keyboard, next to the F12 button. This saves a picture of the screen as it... Read More »

How come my youtube video stopped getting views?

It stops IMMEDIATE view count at about 201-220 ---.. and then every 3-5 hours you will get your view count update... ..