Why isn't my Brita Filtering water bottle squeezing out?

Answer Well i don't have one but i could maybe give you some clues.. Option ONEStep 1 : Try going on the website if they have one. Option 2Step 1: Try Taking it apart and cleaning it out.

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Are there any simple water filtration systems, like PUR or Brita, that can be used for well water?

You won't know what kind of filter you need until you have the water tested to find out which minerals or contaminants are present. There are iron and sediment filters which can be put on the line... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of DE filtering compared to sand filtering?

%REPLIES% Answer After six years in this home with a 15 year old pool cartridge filter, I junked it for a DE filter. I'm very very satisfied with the change. The DE filter cleans the pool quicker... Read More »

Brita water filter systems?

A Brita filter for the pitcher costs about $5 and last 2-3 months. We fill it with tap water and use it every day to make 6 cups of coffee, frozen orange juice, ice cubes and for taking pills. We a... Read More »

How safe are brita water filters?

On One Hand: Manufacturing PropertiesThe Brita company makes their water filters safe for consumer use. The plastic components of the water filters are totally BPA-free, which means they do not lea... Read More »