Why isn't Wikipeadia a 'Credible' source?

Answer I believe the reason that Wikipedia isn't allowed as a source is because of its nature as an encyclopedia rather than firsthand research. Wikipedia contains articles written based on authors' inter... Read More »

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Is wikipedia a credible source?

No, Wikipedia is not a credible source.However, you probably won't find "any pages that are bogus and full of errors" unless you specifically set out to find them. More likely you will find (and ha... Read More »

Do you think wikipedia is a credible source of information?

When I attended college the first source my Professor said not to trust is wikipedia. It is an open source of info allowing anyone to enter facts, delete facts, and enter information without citing... Read More »

Frank' ly speaking -- why would anyone use the WHO as a credible source?

That is a good question. Suddenly the anti-alts consider the WHO a credible source? When I used the WHO as a source, the anti-alt crowd was quick to point out how politicized and unreliable they w... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a credible and reliable source ?

Yes and No. It is a reliable source because there is a lot of great information on the website for some topics. On the other hand the information is submitted by regular people and some times peopl... Read More »