Why is youtube ALWAYS down or undergoing maintanence?

Answer I know exactly how you feel.They are updating their site. It should be up and working in about 1 - 2 hours.

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Do you always put toilet paper down on the seat in a public rest room before sitting down?

No,never,not one time. And I tell you what gets on my nerves more then anything is the girls who are afraidto frikkin sit on the toilet. They pee all over the seat doing the hover squirt. It's nast... Read More »

Is chase website down (cant log in, getting a something something undergoing maintanance blah blah)?

Yelp they are down.The problem is with one of their servers ,They carry a lot of secure transaction every minute of every day ..And one of the Sun server computers kind of got locked up and in the ... Read More »

If youtube has took down lot of music videos due to copyright, blocked them,what do you still use youtube for?

Youtube began as a personal website that three former Pay Pal employees set up in February of 2005. It was not originally meant to post videos from other companies just personal videos that users w... Read More »

Natural Dreadlock Maintanence Tips?

Once you get your dreadlocks established, you do not have to worry about daily styling, but you do need to take care of them. The longer you grow your locks, the more time you have to invest in the... Read More »