Why is your stomach hard after baby delivery?

Answer Every muscle in the area has been worked very hard. The organs and tissues inside have been battered and bruised and there is likely to be some swelling.

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Why does your stomach twitch after you sneeze really hard?

Answer That's not your stomach that twitches, it's your diaphragm. The diaphragm the muscle that is responsible for allowing air into and out of the lungs. When one sneezes, one generally passes... Read More »

If you were 23 weeks pregnant and your stomach was pressed hard against the wooden floor because you were looking for something under the bed will it harm the baby?

Why do woman have to wait so long to resume sex after delivery of a baby?

Mystic e has said most of what I would have said... I'd like to add...Most people will say 6 weeks - but that is only to do with physically (that is if you birthed naturally and with little or no t... Read More »

Do your stomach get hard on the top of your stomach first?

No, during pregnancy, the uterus grows up from the pubic bone, therefore getting hard on the bottom first. But during the first trimester, your stomach shouldn't be hard at all. The uterus doesn't ... Read More »