Why is your son so rebellious?

Answer usually its due to a lack of attention or feeling loved or wanted.... sometimes its also because they hate being told no....don't feel like youre the only one that goes through this....every parent... Read More »

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How to Be a Rebellious Girl?

Do you want to stand out and be unique? Running against the crowd and being the only 'you' around is the definition of being rebellious. A rebel is someone who does what others wouldn't do, and thi... Read More »

How to Stop Being Rebellious in Your 40s?

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How to Help a Rebellious Teenage Daughter?

Not all teenage rebellion is a bad thing says Joanne Stern, a Ph.D. and writer for the magazine "Psychology Today." A bit of defiance is actually a good thing. It proves your teenage daughter is gr... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of a Rebellious Spirit?

Rebellious behavior is a necessary reaction to oppression, tradition and authority that keeps the world balanced. Without rebelliousness, the world would sink into blind obedience and be devoid of ... Read More »