Why is your sink draining into your dishwasher?

Answer your drain is pluged somewhere below your dish washer pull the p trap aprt and check that

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Why does your kitchen sink water back up into your dishwasher?

No but Roomba is. Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner which moves around your house and picks up dirt and dust while moving. It does its job very well, saving you a lot of time and effort. It is ... Read More »

If your sink was clogged and you put liquid plumber in it but when you plunged it the fluid went into the dishwasher and the after cycle is over and it stinks how do you get the smell out?

Answer Vinegar. Run your dishwasher empty with a cup of vinegar sitting inside. On the rinse, stop it and run a cup of bleach through the rest of the cleaning cycle. It will clean your dishwasher a... Read More »

Why would the tup sink and dishwasher make a glug-glug sound when draining and how can you fix it?

Answer The sound is the dishwasher draining into the sink drain. It is a normal sound.

Can you run your dishwasher if your sink is clogged?

Answer Probably not, depends on where the clog is at and how the dishwasher drain is connected. I wouldn't chance it, but the worst that will happen is the sink will fill with the water from the ... Read More »