Why is your sink draining into your dishwasher?

Answer your drain is pluged somewhere below your dish washer pull the p trap aprt and check that

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Why would the tup sink and dishwasher make a glug-glug sound when draining and how can you fix it?

Answer The sound is the dishwasher draining into the sink drain. It is a normal sound.

My kitchen sink is draining very slowly....?

I was engaged to a plumber for 5 years. He hated to take care of this stuff so he told me how. Try a plunger with a bit of mussel it may give way. If that fails you can try to take the garden hose ... Read More »

Slow-Draining Bathroom Sink?

Bathroom sinks will develop a slow drain as debris becomes caught in the sink's drain system, partially cutting off the drain passageway so the water can no longer flow at its normal rate. By addre... Read More »

Why isn't the dishwasher draining?