How to Style Your Hair Into an Upside Down Bun?

Answer Buns are a fun, new and stylish way to keep hair out of your face, and cool you off. There are many different kinds of buns for many different hair cuts and, if done properly, buns can look very tr... Read More »

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Why is it, when ever you place envelopes into printers, they always come out upside-down or on the wrong side?

Not if you put them in the right way to start with....

What do u do when your computer screen is upside down?

yup this same thing happened to me when my cat stepped on the keyboard.....its ctrl + alt + up arrow

How to Style Hair Into an Upside-Down Bun?

Buns used to be for librarians and old maids but today's fashion scene has given the bun style an updated look and they are fast making a comeback. Take that unruly mane and for a quick and stylish... Read More »

Would scalloped edger upside down look okay?

Sure, why not, who's to know. Don't tell and if they ask, don't tell..... lol As you go through life you will note that if you tell someone it's a DIY project thinking that they will be proud of ... Read More »