Why is your phoenix plant started to go brown?

Answer Answer The most common reason for this is overwatering, remember this is a plant from a semi arid region, and a member of the grass family. Monitor watering carefully, make infrequently and deep, b... Read More »

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Who started Phoenix University?

The University of Phoenix was started in 1976 by Doctor John Sperling. He seized on an opportunity to create convenient education for working adults. It is now the country's largest private univers... Read More »

I had a 3 day weird period and today a day later i started spotting..its brown...could this b implantation bleeding?

Sometimes if you are on birth control, your periods may be irregular. If you are not on birth control, you are sexually active and still have your period, than you should be fine.

If you have been having diarrhea for 3 days now and after an exam you started bleeding pink and brown blood how close is labor?

It depends how many months, but just to be sure, you should always tell your doctor right away, for safety of you and your baby.

Can more than one plant be started from one sweet potato slip & will they produce?

You could try rooting cuttings in water, sure. They can go in the ground anytime after frost danger is past.