Why is your mom doing this?

Answer The amniotic sac contains a fluid known as amniotic fluid that is composed of amnion and water after fertilization. About ten weeks later the liquid contains proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and pho... Read More »

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Does doing a systems restore harm your pc in any way How often can this be done?

Before you do another system restore create a restore point when your computer has no problems and then when a system restore is needed , restore to the known good restore point that you created. U... Read More »

Any HARRY POTTER fans I need your creative ideas for this project im doing.?

thats very sweet of you ! try having people remake the dance in the goblet of fire !!! people from the HP-clubs should know what i'm talking about ! have them dance around you guys while u ask ! ho... Read More »

You want to find out if your cousin is related to you by DNA test how would you go about doing this and the cheapest way?

Do chorse and dust and vaccum her room and try not to make her mad at u i have a phone and i did all thoughs things to get a phone and if u whant one try these steps first

Mothers...what do you regret not doing or doing with your 1st baby?

Oh.. there are so many :)- Not encouragin him enough to be physically active- Always ruinning to help him instead of letting him try on his own- NEVER leaving him alone with anyone for at least fir... Read More »