Why is your lg lcd screen fuzzy?

Answer bad hdmi or rca jack connections

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How do you stop blu-ray player from making some dvds fuzzy at the top of the screen?

Typically, you should avoid movies that want you to download some unknown player... Beware the ScamsYou should also be alert for scams related to video playback. The scams are usually related to "n... Read More »

You have dish network and your screen went fuzzy and said no signal at the bottom what should you do?

It sounds like the receiver unit has lost the signal from the dish. There are a few reasons why it could happen. First, the dish may have been moved from its proper position. A change of a degree o... Read More »

On a windows 98 computer the screen is fuzzy and there is no focus button it. what can i do to fix it?

i would get a new computer (windows 98?!, jeez...)

Why is my screen fuzzy on my Philips 60pw9363 60-inch widescreen hdtv-ready projection?

As projectors age the tend to lose FOCUS first. You might need a service call.