Why is your ipod shuffle deleting songs when I add songs to it?

Answer It does that because your ipod is full and can't hold anymore songs it it deletes other songs everytime you add on more song.

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How can I add songs to my ipod without deleting the songs I currently have in it?

you plug it in, then when itunes comes up you open up the menu on Itunes( the part were it shows u your Ipod) and then you click Auto Sync (or something simular to that)..and then u can.

IPod- get new songs without deleting old ones?

Are you using Windows XP by any chance? Because if you are I have two solutions for you. If not you could download Senuti from… This following method work... Read More »

How do you add songs to Ipod without deleting your own library?

"it's very simple. Just deag and drop the songs that you want from itunes into your ipod(the icon of your ipod in itunes)."No, it is not that simple.You're right, it's not that simple...try this...... Read More »

How to Add Songs to Your iPod Touch Without Deleting the Ones You Already Have?

The iPod Touch is a portable media device that plays a wide variety of audio files. You can add songs onto the iPod Touch by syncing the player with the iTunes software program. If you try to sync ... Read More »