Why is your ficus dropping whole branches at one time?

Answer They're dying off for some reason

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What are top Five Bands/Artists of all time whole the world and your country?

Enrique IglesiasRicky MartinCeline DionBack Street BoysBryan AdamsZedBaziYasMohammad BiBaKSaeed KermaniReZzaya

What are the branches of the US Military Including Reserve Branches?

What are the branches part of the military branches?

Army(ground force), Navy, Marines, Air Force(Army Air Corps or Air men) and Coast Guard. These are the part of the military branches.

What action can be taken if your neighbor's trees are dropping debris in your backyard swimming pool?

TREES ARE NICE, BUT You can trim tree branches overhanging your property to your property line. If you need to trim farther than that, you must get permission.