Why is your dog vomiting yellow liquid?

Answer Some dogs vomit a yellow liquid which can be upsetting for owners who do not know the cause. Yellow liquid vomit does not usually signify illness, but repeat vomiting should always be checked by a... Read More »

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Why Is My Dog Vomiting Green Liquid?

According to the Canine Manual of, vomiting is a common, classic symptom of gastrointestinal troubles in dogs. It may be caused by many things: a blockage of intestines, an empty stomac... Read More »

Why is my dog vomiting yellow?

Yellow vomit suggests that your dog is throwing up stomach bile. There could be a number of reasons for this, but yellow vomit does not usually signify a health concern.Empty StomachYour dog might ... Read More »

Does excess vomiting makes teeth yellow....?

Yes, it can possibly change the color of the teeth's surface but most of that is reversible through whitening or teeth brushing. If you've vomiting excessively, then the bigger concern should be e... Read More »

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Yellow Liquid?

Vomiting in cats is common and can be caused by many different ailments. It is important to take note of other symptoms present in addition to the vomiting in order to determine the culprit. Once v... Read More »