Why is your dog losing hair?

Answer Most dogs shed to some degree, but when your dog starts losing unusually large amounts of hair, it can be upsetting. Most causes of hair loss in dogs are easily treatable.SignificanceThe amount of ... Read More »

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Why is your puppy losing hair?

Puppies can lose hair due to genetics, infections, parasites or hormone problems, according to "Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook." Many of these problems are treatable. The sooner the puppy get... Read More »

How to Keep From Losing Your Hair?

Hair loss happens for a number of reasons ranging from stress to genetics. In order to maintain what hair you have and continue to promote hair growth, you have to take care of your hair. ... Read More »

How to Know If You're Losing Your Hair?

Baldness is sometimes considered attractive for men, especially for those who voluntarily shave their heads to the skin. However, hair loss beyond a natural process can be of concern to both men an... Read More »

How long after chemo do you start losing your hair?

My father lost his within a month of the first treatments, but the first treatments were the hardest. I want to say that his cancer was arrested and he came down with at the age of 77. He had blood... Read More »