Why is your 4 year old boy not talking but only bubbaling?

Answer There is no way to answer that question on this or any other online forum, however you should get an evaluation immediately. You can start with your primary care physician to make sure that your in... Read More »

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Will my 16-year-old daughter ever forgive me—uncomfortable talking about sex?

Sixteen year olds can be such hypocrites! There she is sequentially deflowering the whole basketball team in the back of YOUR car and SHE gets all judgy because she catches you getting your elf fre... Read More »

How many people die a year from talking on a cell phone while driving?

Cell phone distractions cause 2,600 deaths each year in addition to 330,000 injuries, according to When drivers talk on a cell phone they react to break lights 18 percent slower th... Read More »

A 23 year old girl still goes to preschool and plays with talking Care Bear dolls - What do you think of her?

By "still" you mean that shes attending preschool not teaching it, so I think that she has a mental disability, extremely lazy to go to a higher grade, or trying to get attention.

What was the name of the old children's tv show that featured a talking boot male and a talking shoe female the show was about reading i believe? The show was called "Readalong."