Why is your 4 year old boy not talking but only bubbaling?

Answer There is no way to answer that question on this or any other online forum, however you should get an evaluation immediately. You can start with your primary care physician to make sure that your in... Read More »

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What's your favorite alcoholic drink .I'm talking about HARD LIQUOR ONLY?

What can you do if your 15 year old stepdaughter left with her 22 year old boyfriend in scranton PA and only calls the boys house to say shes not coming back and we live in another country HELP?

In any state in the U.S. that is by far illegal. But in order to press charges the custodial parent or guardian would need to press charges. Of course there are other ways, you can always contact t... Read More »

Girls Only: Talking a poll ?

I don't like orange. For some reason it just seems out of place, like it's just a wannabe of yellow and red. It also looks pretty bright and I just prefer yellow over that.

You are on your Aunts title to her condo. She passed away last year-no assets. Mtg. has not been paid in over a year. Do I have any responsibility for the mortgage since I'm only on the title?

Your name on the title implies that you own the condominium. Unless during the probate of her estate, there was a different disposition of the property, you own it. Not only are you responsible for... Read More »