Is pink eye contageous?

Answer Most cases of contagious pinkeye are a type of viral conjunctivitis, a viral infection involving the moist tissue layer that covers the eye and lines the inner eyelids. The eyeball itself is usuall... Read More »

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Is cancer contageous?

What are contageous diseases?

A contagious disease is a subset category of infectious diseases (or communicable diseases), which are easily transmitted by physical contact (hence the name-origin) with the person suffering the d... Read More »

Yawning in a Cockatiel?

Cockatiels exhibit various behaviors that can give owners important clues about their bird's mood and health. Some behaviors, such as yawning, are ambiguous. Ambiguous behavior requires close obser... Read More »

Barometric Pressure & Yawning?

As air pressure, or barometric pressure, changes, the middle ear attempts to equalize the air pressure inside and outside the ear. Yawning causes the ears to "pop," equalizing the pressure in the e... Read More »