Why is winrar only compressing 10% of my 16MB photos?

Answer Digital cameras produce huge file sizes. There are many free websites like Image Optimizer, Web Resizer, Image Resizer, Reduced file size enables faster loading, better management of the pictures... Read More »

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Does compressing movie files affect quality?

Assuming you are planning to use a version of ZIP? If so, then ZIP uses classes of lossless data compression algorithms. So once the file is compressed and stored on DVD, it can later be read and d... Read More »

How to Make a Compressing Batch File in Computer?

This article shows you how to make a compressing batch file in computer without any software!! This can help you speeding up your computer, downloads etc.

How to Stop Outlook Express from Compressing Folders?

Compacting mail folders in Outlook Express saves hard disk space and improves performance. To ensure regular compaction, the program reminds you of this function every 100 times you use it. If you ... Read More »

How many pictures from 16mb?

I have used a 80 - 200 F3.5 Tamron zoom on my Canon A1 almost exclusively for 35mm with great results. It's not a Canon lens as you specified, but I thought that might help anyway.