Why is wikipedia offfline today?

Answer It's not.Wikipedia hasn't been offline for years. Yesterday some browsers accessing W were met with a redirect script that brought up some moronic misstatement of US copyright policy. The site was ... Read More »

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Did you use today?

Yes, of course. I disagree with those who say it is unreliable.

Why is British Wikipedia blacked out today?

Its some sort of protest against this Anti-Piracy laws proposal in the USA. It'll be back tomorrow, don't worry.

Why did Wikipedia lie about blacking out for SOPA today?

They're not lying. That's a ridiculous accusation.They simply set up a way to block the site that doesn't require a great deal of re-programming on their part. They didn't want to just shut down th... Read More »

Has wikipedia been down for everyone today?

don;t use internet explorer. is ok from here.