Why is wikipedia not a valid reference?

Answer Wikipedia is not a valid source because it does not have review for publication. When a traditional reference source publishes some work, they (in theory) have someone check over the article for mi... Read More »

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Why is Wikipedia not a valid source?

Wikipedia should not be used as a cited source for two very good reasons:1. It is not peer reviewed before publication. Especially including the fact that most people can edit, this is a major prob... Read More »

Wikipedia: a valid source?

Not outraged at all. Search engines should off work off relevance, popularity, and how recent an article is. Wikipedia articles meet those criteria quite well.What do you mean by "valid"? If valid ... Read More »

Why is wikipedia not considered a valid source?

Wikipedia does not have professional editorial oversight. When we ask if a scientific journal or newspaper is a valid source, we ask how stringent are its guidelines for what is published. Qualit... Read More »

Can I trust wikipedia How do I know if it is valid or not?

No, you can't trust Wikipedia. The only way you can know a particular article is valid or not is by actually being an expert on the subject or at least having done your own research into the topic.... Read More »