Why is wikipedia begging for money Is it not running very well?

Answer Wikipedia is running very poorly indeed. Actually, the website is running fine; but the people who are exploiting it by running a fake "non-profit" organization around it... they are failing.I won... Read More »

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Why does wikipedia keep begging for money Is it because of the founders' divorce?

It is an utter fiction that Wikipedia's owner (the Wikimedia Foundation) urgently needs money to keep the site up and running. Less than 10% of the projected $30 million budget would amply provide... Read More »

Why don't Wikipedia just charge an annual fee of say, ten, twenty dollars instead of begging for donations?

Because we live in an age where people with computers and Internet access think all information should be freely available to them. If Wikipedia started charging an annual fee, most people would st... Read More »

Why are there so many people begging for money in San Fransisco?

Only one out of four people in the US have a job these days.This is counting everyone .. Rents are so high that many people, even w/ a job.. cant afford a place to live, always. You have to almost... Read More »

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