Why is wikipedia asking for $7.5 million?

Answer Excellent question. It is plain from the Wikimedia Foundation's ("WMF", the charity that owns Wikipedia) financial statements that their fundraising efforts have significantly outstripped their ac... Read More »

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Why is Wikipedia asking for money?

It's just force of habit, really. When we last got a summary of their finances, they had between 8 and 11 million dollars sitting in a savings account, earning practically no interest. Meanwhile th... Read More »

Did you know that wikipedia has two and a half million images?

I'm getting e-mails from wikipedia asking for money! What should I do!?

Sounds like a scam to me. Mark it as spam and forget about it.

Huh why was Wikipedia shut down earlier. and why is asking me to sign some petition?

They are protesting some acts the government are trying to pass. Personally I think the acts are a bunch of bs and that they shouldn't. And this act called SOPA (or PIPA) is for copyright infringem... Read More »