Why is wikipedea so full of communists?

Answer You got that right!!

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Who killed more people the Christians or Communists?

This really is something of an asinine question. Entire millenia have passed between the advent of Christianity and the advent of Communism. So, to even make this remotely comparable, you would pro... Read More »

What is wikipedea?

It's a load of nonsense that people seem to think is reliable research. People are too lazy to actually read books, so they go online to find answers to questions. Anyone can add information, rig... Read More »

Do you believe in information on Wikipedea?

Absolutely. it may that some peiople enjoy posting wrong facts.. but there are even more people there who enjoy being the ones to correct or delete any misinformation, and to keep the site maintai... Read More »

Can i relay on wikis ( not wikipedea, please read )?

It looks like you are refering to Wikia. Each Wikia wiki is self-contained, and can have its own rules. Wikipedia has rules to have a neutral point of view, a verifiability policy, which means that... Read More »