Why is water not a living thing?

Answer NO, because water does not breathe, feel, see or have any similar characteristics to a living thing such as a human or plant. So water is not a living thing, but currently every known living thing ... Read More »

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Why is my hyacinth plant still living after you gave it salt water Why are my other three hyacinth plants still living after I gave them water soda and milk?

a single dose wont kill them, if you continue to do it the saltwater plant will die, the milk watered plant will get sick and the soda water one will be fine

Is H2O a living thing?

Water (chemical formula: H2O) is a substance composed of hydrogen and water. Water is not able to respond to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development. Therefore, water does not meet the defini... Read More »

Is a strawberry a living thing?

Strawberry is a swteet fruit. Its color is red..its very is a living thing...............

Characteristics That Define What a Living Thing Is?

From the simplest single-celled organism to a complex human being, life exists in an astonishing variety on Earth. Biology is the study of all forms of life and all living systems. In order to stud... Read More »