Why is water important in a diet?

Answer Water is a major part of the body and makes up approximately two-thirds of the body's weight. Without water, the body cannot function properly, and after a few days without water, a person will usu... Read More »

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What has a better effect when you do the lemon water diet, cold water or warm water?

dude, our an idiot for doing a diet based on lemon water, and temperature of water does not affect its health, just drink water and only water and lemon is healthy enough so add some if you wish

Why are fats important in a diet?

To get the vitamins and minerals a body needs, each day a person must have protein, fats and carbohydrates. To maintain health it is. Though some may think fats only make you fat, they are an essen... Read More »

Why are proteins important to a diet?

Every single cell in your body contains and requires protein. You cannot thrive without it, and most of the protein you need has to be obtained through diet. When your body repairs muscle tissue, p... Read More »

Why is a balanced diet important?

It is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. You are what you consume!A balanced diet is important to maintain health and a sensible body weight. No single food will provide all the essen... Read More »