Why is virus protection important?

Answer Virus protection is a critical component to any computer installation. Regardless of the operating system, an unprotected computer remains exposed to malicious software if it does not have an insta... Read More »

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If you pay for virus protection from Norton and you still get a virus, why do they want $80 to help remove it?

This is typical of Norton, Build a product that does not work well and then charge for support. Stick to the free products, at least then you will not be ripped off.

What is the best anti virus for desktop PC to download from internet which gives auto protection from virus?

avast anti pc was full of virus and the tips of the blog helped me a lot.…look for more information on the blog. choose and use the programmes re... Read More »

Why is antivirus protection important?

Antivirus software is vital to maintain proper computer functioning. When computers operate without antivirus programs, they have an increased risk of acquiring malicious software that could comple... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Virus Protection?

You may need to remove your anti-virus software if a fatal or critical error occurs, the software repeatedly malfunctions or it causes other programs to become unstable. Anti-virus software is like... Read More »