Why is vermiculite outlawed in Oregon?

Answer In the 1990s, two major suppliers and processing companies of vermiculite, the Libby Mine in Montana and another mine is South Africa, were contaminated by naturally occurring asbestos. This caused... Read More »

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When was dueling outlawed?

The Second Continental Congress passed Articles of War outlawing dueling in 1775. Although dueling ceased more quickly in the North than it did in the South, by 1820 every southern state had passed... Read More »

When was asbestos outlawed in California?

Asbestos, a substance that becomes harmful if allowed to stay airborne, was banned in the manufacturing of friable materials in California in 1978. Friable materials are those that may be crushed o... Read More »

Why Is a Mortgage Wraparound Outlawed?

A wraparound mortgage refers to an arrangement whereby a property buyer pays the property seller a down payment and a series of regular payments instead of getting a new mortgage. The property sell... Read More »

When was dueling outlawed in England?

Dueling, which was an acceptable and expected means of settling disputes and challenges in England for centuries, grew unpopular during the 1770s. The practice was outlawed in the 1840s for various... Read More »