Why is using "CAPITALS" rude?

Answer Well you think that's petty in the fetish scene caps show who is dominant

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When you type a question here, in all caps, the computer says it is rude......WHY THUS IT RUDE TO USE CAPS?

because when you are chatting with someone all caps means you are yelling!

Does anyone use capitals in Google?

hahahahhah this question is so funny and so true.i NEVER do!lmaoo. i never thought about it tho.

What are the capitals of Tahiti and her islands?

Tahiti is part of Society Islands, the most well-known part of the larger group of islands known as French Polynesia. French Polynesia is a protectorate of France. It is divided into five administr... Read More »

Is there a song about the 50 state capitals?

The "50 States and Capitals Song" by Tim Pacific lists all 50 capital cities of the United States. A similar song was featured in the 1990s children's cartoon series "Animaniacs."References:Music R... Read More »