Why is using "CAPITALS" rude?

Answer Well you think that's petty in the fetish scene caps show who is dominant

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When you're using facebook and you change your user-name, do capitals matter?

No, the user name is not case-sensitive. You will be able to log with both your email and username.

When you type a question here, in all caps, the computer says it is rude......WHY THUS IT RUDE TO USE CAPS?

because when you are chatting with someone all caps means you are yelling!

Fun Games for US States & Capitals?

Teach students the U.S. states and their capitals by engaging in fun games and activities that not only challenge them to learn, but also entertain them. Address all learning styles by mixing visua... Read More »

How do you type in capitals on iPhone 4?

Tap the up arrow to write the next letter in upper case. To write everything in upper case double tap the up arrow. To change back to lower case tap the arrow again.