Why is time going so slow?

Answer Because you lack alcohol and a few friends?

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BNSF buisness is really slow for this time of the year, any other class 1 rr's slow?

I'm not sure about the other Class Is but as a whole I think the industry is off a bit from last year's mark. Here is the latest report from RailwayAge (as of 8/16/07):"Ton-mile volume down fracti... Read More »

How to Slow Down Time?

Obviously there is no actual way to slow down time, but if life seems to be rushing by,and you need to slow down and relax, then this guide can help you feel like time is passing slowly.

Why does a computer slow down over time?

Computers are complex machines that consist of many interconnected parts that must work together to function properly, and performance can decline over time due to a variety of hardware and softwar... Read More »

Why do computers slow down over time?

It is a common occurrence for a new computer to not operate nearly as fast as the day you first set it up after using it for a few months. This gradual slowness has a variety of causes, from clutte... Read More »