Why is this laser pointer so cheap. is there somthing wrong with it?

Answer It's probably cheaply made. It also probably won't shine as far and as bright as the other more expensive models.

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I Think theres somthing wrong with my leg?

It sounds like you may have pulled your calf muscles. You need to gently massage the painful area with oil to reduce the pain.

Scared of doing somthing wrong?

Well hun, the reason I've always liked the pregnancy and ttc sections of Y!A but not the newborn and baby and toddler and preschool is because there may be right or wrong answers when it comes to t... Read More »

Where can i buy a 1w laser pointer?

It is illegal and you can blind people with that. Don't be an asshole.

What happens if you look into a laser pointer?

My friend pointed one right into my eye when I was younger. It just felt like I looked directly into the sun. And it hurt for about a minute. But I was fine. But dot take It from me. I do belie... Read More »