Why is this happening to me when I'm gonna eat yogurt ?

Answer Its just because you had a bad experience. Once I ate fruit loops for the first time and got sick afterwards and now even the smell makes me sick to my stomach!

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Your shower faucet drips only when water is turned on in other parts of the house for instance dishwasher This began when you changed the shower head Why is this happening?

Have you got two single faucets or a single lever faucet? It could be a pressure imbalance or it could just need maintenance

My gums have been bleeding when i brush my teeth, this has been happening for about 2 weeks, what do i do?

sounds like gingivitis, you need to see your dentist.

I saw this on youtube does any one believe that this is really happening?

Yes. conspiracy is everywhere. they can be traced back to ancient times.

WHY is this happening?

Any line at all is a positive!After 3 months of TTC, I just knew that I was pg(even though I never caught my LH surge on the OPK, but my temp on my chart was becoming an endless diagonal upward lin... Read More »