Why is this century referred to as the 21st century?

Answer This century is known as the 21st century because it encapsulates the years between 2000 through the end of the year 2099. It is the 21 consecutive amount of 100-year periods starting at the year 0... Read More »

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Why is this called the 21st century?

According to the United States Navy's Astronomical Applications Department, the Gregorian calendar establishes the years A.D. 1 through 100 as the first century, 101 to 200 as the second century an... Read More »

How to Use a 21st Century Classroom?

Teaching in a 21st century classroom means a transition from a teacher-centered, memorization-based methodology to a student-centered, experiential and knowledge-based, diverse learning methodology... Read More »

How to Be a 21st Century Sex Goddess?

Marilyn Monroe is one of the few women, whose look and persona is constantly being reproduced time and time again. She was multi-dimensional and timeless. A modern day Sex Goddess is also multi-dim... Read More »

What era is the 21st century?

The 21st is known as the "common era" or the "Christian era." Pope Gregory XIII standardized the Gregorian calendar we use today in the year 1582. Since it measures time dating from the birth of Je... Read More »