Why is there such a commotion about vaccines?

Answer There has been no safety study done on the accumaltive effects of vaccine after vaccine from birth to preschool would expect this study to have been completed. Also, children receive the ... Read More »

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Why are babies given so many vaccines at such a young age, even for non fatal diseases?

So they can build their immunity. Beside with babies you can't be too careful anything can turn into something really harmful.

Is there someplace in text format the blueprint videos for the minute to win it challenges where the lady says things like in this challenge players must do such and such?

VACCINES : Would you trust the FDA when they allow this in our flu vaccines?

Stop being dishonest, the US flu vaccines do NOT contain the adjuvant squalene. But perhaps they should? There is very good evidence to show that adjuvants actually make vaccines safer, but I'll ge... Read More »

What type of vaccines are there?

well in Australia we get these vaccines for free: hepetitis bcervical cancertetnuswhooping coughalso theres a anti flu shot