Why is there so much hate on youtube?

Answer *sigh* because most of the people my age think they're being funny when they insult other people. :/ they're really immature and stupid. they're too crude ... *sigh*maybe they feel insecure about t... Read More »

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Was there this much hate on XP when it came out?

YES! There was also similar ire at windows 95 when it came out too. The fact of the matter is that it takes awhile to get a new generation OS up and running. One of the reasons Leopard and Tiger (m... Read More »

How much video data is there on Youtube?

i'm guessing alot....1 million terabites???

Who else hate the new youtube homepage?

apparently i haven't watched my subscription videos for weeks and now i have a long list of videos and it's just really annoying

I absolutely HATE the new youtube layout?

Ugh I do to! and i cant freakin find out how to check my messages, comments, etc.