Why is there so many gliches with Interent Explorer 8 for?

Answer It's still beta, if you converted you're a ginnea pig. What drives me nuts is that you can't revert back. I actually can't access my school email in IE8 because for some reason ibm mail isn't com... Read More »

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Is firefox better than interent explorer?

It depends on what you really want to do and what OS you are using. If you are windows then IE is your best bet however, I most add that Firefox has many features that will make life easier for you... Read More »

Interent Tabs Question?

1. What browser are you use? (With a Question about browsers it would help to know what you are useing)2. The increisearch? is some add on you installed. You try to uninstall it3. Go to the se... Read More »

What are some good interent browsers xx?

Safari is by far the best....Opera is not to bad either....Go to and click web browsers........Good luck.......

Is there a way you can connect a laptop in the interent anywhere you go?

There are several types of wireless internet connections that can fill your need.The easiest (and least expensive) would be a Cellular Data Connection. Most US cellular providers offer cellular int... Read More »