Is there a way to find out how much financial aid I'd get at a school before I apply to the school It's?

Answer www.fafsa4caster.comFill out the info, and it will give you an estimate of the money you can get. It tells you right away. The if it is sufficient apply to a college.

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How hard is it 2 get into hun school of princeton boarding school.and how do you get the scholarship there?

The Hun School does not publish it's acceptance rate, so it's hard to tell how "hard" it is to get into the school. You will not be denied admittance because you need financial aid. You are first a... Read More »

Is there a sugar daddy out there for me to pay for my school loans?

haha very funny...Sugar daddy? Comeon, nothing is free...My parents just plain wouldnt sign for me.SallieMae has a SOLP (second opportunity or signature opportunity, something like that)If you can... Read More »

Is there a CIA school for kids?

Sadly, not an entire answer is something I can offer. Schools are rumored, but not necessarily given.

To all pre school teachers out there...?

i fully agree with you in this regard. i m totally against giving a pre schooler any homework, for that matter. i m a headmistess in a preschool & we never give homework to our kids.we give very cr... Read More »