Why is there poison ivy irritation on the skin?

Answer Poison ivy is a common plant that causes itching, rashes and blisters in many people. The underlying cause for poison ivy irritation is an allergic reaction to urushiol, an oil secreted on the plan... Read More »

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Types of Skin Irritation?

Skin irritation can be caused by many different factors, and can cause the skin to become dry, to burn, to become itchy, chapped or red. Because some skin irritations can be dangerous, seeking the ... Read More »

Skin Irritation Relief?

Skin irritation can be caused by sun or wind burn, exposure to a new substance, insect bites and even air conditioning. Many commercial products are available to treat skin irritation, but common h... Read More »

Tanning Beds and Skin Irritation?

Golden tanned skin is a look many people try to achieve in the summer months and winter months alike. The desire for a year-round tan, and our desire for quick and efficient results, has increased ... Read More »

What are the causes of skin irritation?

Skin irritation presents as a rash, redness, itchiness, burning and dry skin. There are several possible causes of skin irritation.Stress and Hormonal ChangesStress irritates every organ in the bod... Read More »