Cell phone texts messages?

Answer Actually you want becuz I have had this happen to me and I got none of the old txt so its just basically like that phone number doesn't exist anymore until someone else gets it that is why its alwa... Read More »

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How To Recover Deleted Texts Messages?

Hi cheeki. This doesn't actually help you restore the messages you've deleted. BUT for future use you could join click here. As I understand it you don't have to have an o2 phone either. Depending ... Read More »

Messages sent through iMessanger keeps sending as text messages?

By default, your iPhone is set to automatically send the iMessage through SMS if the servers are down or you can’t find a Wi-Fi connection. You can change this setting under Settings > Messages. ... Read More »

Text Message Interceptor How To Intercept Text Messages From Any Cell Phone?

If you really want to spy on SMS messages, and you don’t have a clue on what text message interceptor software program you should use, then I will tell you exactly what program to use so you can ... Read More »

How many texts messages does the avg. girl send in a month?…Page 5.Though I don't know what you consider an "avg. girl". Age, race, family income, lots of other things are in the definition.http://www.telecompetito... Read More »